Suite of Services   
EnterVentures offers a suite of comprehensive services, solutions, and key resources tailored to meet the specific needs of its portfolio companies. These services, which may be customized to meet companies' specific needs include:

Financial Strategy Building
Access to funding depends entirely on a company's perceived ability to successfully execute its business strategies and meet investor expectations. EnterVentures delivers financial services such as financing structuring and capitalization planning to optimize a company's attractiveness - and value- to potential investors.

Access to Funding
EnterVentures is a co-manager of Accelerated Growth Partners, LP, a $100 million early stage technology investment fund. Through this fund and its network, EnterVentures has vast access to providers of seed and early round capital. EnterVentures advises its portfolio companies on the most appropriate sources of funding and then makes the necessary introductions.

Strategic Alliances
EnterVentures facilitates strategic alliances between its portfolio companies and its global network of key partners. In this way, start-ups have immediate access to proven resources that help them grow quickly and develop immediate competitive advantages in the relevant marketplace.

Business Strategy Development
EnterVentures offers one-on-one mentoring to help companies and entrepreneurs focus their ideas and develop the unique, well-defined business models they need to succeed.

Technology Development
Portfolio companies can leverage the knowledge and expertise of EnterVentures' technology partners and team of technical advisors during the design and development of their critical business technologies.

Management Team Building
EnterVentures and its executive search partners help portfolio companies build entire senior level management teams from ground up, and assist in filling specific senior level positions which may include CEO, CTO, VP, and/or Board and Advisory Member positions.

Temporary Premises
EnterVentures provides temporary Silicon Valley premises for its portfolio companies until a permanent location is found. Temporary office space is also available for our international entrepreneurs who are in town on company business.

Other Business Services
EnterVentures delivers a variety of other business services through its top-tier network of valuable business resources necessary to succeed in this dynamic high technology market. Its service partner network includes legal, accounting, back-office, administration, and public relations.

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